Warehouse Layout Design & Consultancy

Warehouse by Design has years of experience in designing warehouses and storage solutions. To ensure you get the best possible storage system to meet your needs, we offer expert advice on the most appropriate solution for any storage problem.

Wether it's a new building, rack additions or relocations, you can trust that we'll find a solution that works for you.

Structural Design Certification

Pallet racking in Australia is covered under the Australian Standard AS 4084 Steel Storage Racking. This standard deals not only with design but also covers racking installation and operation. When buying pallet racking, it is essential that you make sure the rack system is not only designed to the standard, but is isntalled to the standard and is operated in accordance with the standard. That way your storage system will be compliant, safe and durable.

The strcutural integrity of ColbyRACK is ensured trough the Colby RackMan program. RackMan certification is the ColbyRACK product performance badge of excellence, and means that your system will always meet and often exceed the safety standards inherent in AS 4084. Throgh the automated generation of RackMan certification letters, customised to a particular racking configuration, we can guarantee the load capacity and strength of ColbyRACK. Colby Rackan can be relied upon to produce rack designs that are safe, thereby protecting your staff and products giving you peace of mind, and helping you fulfil your fiduciary responsibilities.

Load & Safety Signs

As per the Australian Standard AS4084 2012, all racking installations require, in one ore more conspicuous locations, a permanent sign mechanically secured to the rack structure.

As a minimum, each sign should display the following:

  1. The unit load limit
  2. The load limit for each pallet beam level
  3. The total load limit per bay
  4. The manufacturers and suppliers name and the date of installation

Safety Audits

Under the Australian Standard AS4084 2012, it is mandatory for all business to have their racking inspected at least once every 12 months, regardless of size, working loads or traffic.

Warehouse By Design can assist with your regular "health" checks by auditing and inspecting your system. We will make recommendations for any damage repairs, helping you ensure compliance, and giving you peace of mind.

One of our experienced assessors can inspect your rack and provide a detailed report on any damage and compliance with design standards and load capabilities.

View Safe Works's pallet racking safety guides.